UX Trends For 2018 Revealed!

Ready to discover the UX trends for 2018? It is important to understand and acknowledge the amazing changes and improvements in the digital space with respect to designs, features, functionality amongst so much improvements. However with the recently revealed UX trends for 2018 by Casey TourangeauLeader of Digital Experience at McMilan, would you rather say the 2018 will help users discover an improved experience or do you see these revelations as backward progress? Lets find out more in paragraphs below:

First User Experience is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product. What does a future UX trend actually look like, then? Is it something informed by technological advances? Is it a reinterpretation of an existing technique in a new context? Or maybe a combination of both?

What Survey Suggests With Respects To Possible UX Trends For 2018

  • It is expected there will be uniformity in prognosticating, such as chatbots and conversational interfaces, as a further use of artificial intelligence (AI) to create personalized, contextual, and age-responsive design.
  • While tactical UX trends are about addressing user needs on a micro level (age-reponsive design, for example, addresses one specific need), the real trend is using emerging technologies and techniques to create a seamless narrative flow, defined by your brand.
  • Devices with smaller screens and different interaction metaphors (touch as opposed to point-and-click) create a need for experiences that match a context defined by a user’s current device. Can you spot the problem? These experiences are determined by the device, not the user – Hence we should expect more Platform-Agnostic User Experience
  • In order to keep up with the expectations of next year’s consumers; developers, designers and marketers need to prepare and be prepared for the next wave of user-responsive content.
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Considering the power and importance of visual contents, and also understanding the fact that users are getting to be interactive and engaged on multiple platforms such that purchase starts in one platform and concludes on another. Browse products in the ad itself, and finalize the purchase on a website or in an app – The future of UX expects a seamless experience for users with every interaction possible.

When it comes to user experience (UX), creating a list of forward-looking trends presents a unique problem: UX design as a discipline is backward-looking. Even if it’s just the very recent past, we often look back for insights about how to move forward. UX trends for 2018 will not only make it enjoyable for users to interact with the digital space but the  several updates will be familiar as much as possible to inform the new experiences designers are expected to create.



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