Search engine giants  – Google Inc has just pushed out an updated traffic alerts on its Google Maps application. The app which was released most recently was just in time for the hustle-and-bustle of Memorial Day Weekend. Although Google Maps has shown traffic conditions for some time now, this update actually brings with it explanations as to why various routes will be faster, alerts for a blockage or traffic jam up ahead, and of course, alternate routes to each destination.

The updated Google Maps will also give users a heads up if a congestion lies ahead and how long they will be stuck in the jam.  Memorial Day, which is considered the unofficial beginning of summer in the US, is regarded as one of the most traffic-heavy days of the year as most people travel to visit their friends and family.

google map imageIn addition to the new update, the company also pulled data from Google Maps searches in the past to see what people would be getting up to this weekend. Top searches from last year include the beach, the cemetery, the gas station, restaurants, furniture stores, and ice cream shops.

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As a public service effort, Google is also compiling a list of popular Maps searches during last year’s Memorial Day. However, it is not clear if users all over will be able to benefit from the update or only for those users located in the US.

See a live version of the update using San Francisco as an example:

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