• Rich, Dynamic & Huge Background Images

For sometimes now, the web design industry has witnessed a lot of large-image backgrounds on most recent websites. Though this trend has been around fr quite sometimes now, apparently it seems web designers are turning it up a notch this time around. With more and more movies being released in 3D, users will also expect to see more cutting edge 3D designs. You can also expect to see fully responsive HD-quality video backgrounds on many websites this year.

Although some web trend analyst predict the disappearance of this trend, it s most likely this trend will not be faing away anytime soon. Quite correct, some recent designs have decided to drop this trend by keeping their websites background free and keeping their large headers others just feel users should expect a pendulum swing in this trend. It is argued that this trend might drop due web site designers’ preference of standing out and also to improve the website load speed.

The web design team of Nigeria based web design and development firm http://www.webkraftng.com implemented this design trend for the design of 2015 Saskatchewan Hair & Beauty Expo website and it has turned out to load fast, still amazing and outstanding. Please see the live version of the website, see the next trend and share your opinions with us in the comment section below or via any of our social media profiles..

  • Seamless URL Changes & Card Based Designs:

This to me by far is one of the most amazing trends to look out for this year. In this kind of experience users may not realize they are going from page to page of the same website In fact it removes the need for pages completely, offering an interaction with content that is unique to the web. Also card-based design will most likely turn out to be big: “Content needs to fit on different types and sizes of screen, and cards are the easiest way to make that work across platforms.” He adds this presents a design challenge, since cards can be dull, “but we’re seeing fun, clever takes on this from companies like Google”.

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