Over the years, there has been lots of interesting trends and changes in the web design industry. Top designers and developers are constantly coming up with intelligent new ways of improving the internet world and making websites that are not only user-friendly but also providing website visitors with much more satisfying web experience.

Identifying current trends and predicting new ones is an important exercise at this time of the year. In addition to pushing designers to explore new directions and solutions, it keeps them from repeating old trends.

In 2014, the biggest web trends included grid layouts, background videos, flat designs and the increasing capabilities of  HRML5 APIs. Wondering the new trends, techniques and designs that will define 2015? Read on to discover the website design trends to watch out for this year!

  •   Mobile! Mobile!! Mobile!!! – Responsive Design Evolved!


One major trend that is constantly evolving and creating new buzz that can not be over-looked is the way websites are being created to meet up with the insatiable advancement in mobile devices. There are no doubts, mobile designs will continue to influence the web-design industry. We have seen this evolution take place in multiple ways both simple and complex, from the increasing popularity of the hamburger menu icon, to responsive design and mobile-first design approaches.

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While some designers expects the industry to continue maintaining simple and minimal aesthetics with the web becoming fully customized for different view-ports others see the responsive design practices becoming more important in native apps. Apple Watch, for example, relies on a responsive-like flow to accommodate a small screen, and so while 2015 isn’t the year the web and native become the same, it’ll get us much closer. Read on to discover the one trend that will surprise you! Its probably the third or fourth. Please click next to find out more top website trends to watch for this year!

  • Longer Scrolling Sites:

As mobile devices become more popular, its  becoming more commonplace for sites and web designers to opt for scrolling instead of linking as a means to display content hence the reason why its becoming more popular for new websites to be longer in length when scrolling through the pages. Please bear in mind that the responsive nature of these websites also contributes to the reason why longer lengths are becoming more popular with new websites.

It is easier for users to simply scroll through a page to get their information than it is to constantly click to find information. For example, Apple’s page for its iPhone 6 showcases the long scrolling page trend outside of the home page. It’s designed the main iPhone 6 page to be a long scrolling site, showcasing all of the product’s specs and features. In addition, the site added some slick animations to make the scrolling experience visually attentive.

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  • Story Telling & Interaction – More Interactive Than Ever!

Micro-interaction has come to stay! This new method of enhancing your site UX and user experience has been proven to provide quite an impressive rate of conversion. While having amazing content is always crucial for your website, being able to tell a story is a great plus. Interaction when paired with beautiful animation and combined with the trends mentioned earlier will guarantee the wow factor on your site! On the next page we shall share with you one very juicy secret that has brought about a whole lot of changes to the web design industry!

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