Here are some other websites and link building strategies you should consider when building back links to your new or existing website.

  • Social Media Profiles:

One proven method is setting up branded profiles on social networks and social sharing websites for your website and including links to your homepage or the landing page of the URL you intend to promote.

Other methods to consider includes but not limited to the suggestions below:

  • Start Relevant Threads in Forums and Link to Your Blog Posts
  • Ask Questions related to your blog in Answer Sites like Yahoo Answers and Link to Your Blog in your questions or Answer Questions related to your niche and link your site as source.
  • Create a Wikipedia Page For Yourself and include your link in the resource section
  • Make effective use of april fool.
  • Do very costly jokes on your blog but indicate it is a joke underneath the post (tricky? ahah!), e.g., “Apple has bought Google for $260Billion”, something like this will get tons of links and retweets before people even know that it is a joke.( Be careful how you implement this method)
  • Offer lots of free downloads on your blog/website.
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Link building is no doubt a vital part of SEO process. When done correctly, there are no doubts the website will enjoy positive enhancement and more consideration in SERPS. Please remember to share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comment section below. We shall appreciate if you also share more linking strategies you have tried and it worked fine.

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