One of the surest ways to move your site higher to the top of Google and other major search engines is to build high quality back-links. On this post you shall get to know more about what back-links are, how they affect your site and also the top sites and methods to get your first 500 back-links for your new or existing website.

Much as having your site up and running is important, SEO and building backlinks to your site is also equally important.  Now how do you find authoritative sites and high quality backlinks for your site without having to pay cash or consider options like link exchange and guest post?

Before you begin to read about these top sites and methods, these are some major link building blunders you should ignore:

  • Avoid buying exact anchor text link
  • Avoid Blogroll links
  • Don’t opt for link networks
  • Article directory links are not that effective anymore
  • Avoid buying bulk links

With the above points noted, now lets proceed to the top sites yu should consider getting your first 500 backlinks from with basic methods to guide you in achieving this objective

  • .Edu Resource Backlinks

Incase you don’t know, links coming from a .edu website to your site will have a great positive impact on your website ranking and SERPs. Search engines are programmed in such a way that links from .edu sites to other websites are seen as an endorsement and recommendation for the sites. It is believed that for a website to have links from a .edu, then  that site s very relevant and important hence the preference is search rankings. To get links from .edu is quite not an easy task for an average SEO Joe nonetheless following this method might increase your chances.

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If you have an awesome piece of content on your site this might work for you. Most universities have resource pages where they link to websites that are helpful to students and faculties

You could get a link from the example above by sending an email to share the links to the helpful nutritional information you have. Although in the end only about 5-10% of them will post your links but bear in mind that a handful of these links can make huge difference to your site SERPs.

  •  Consider Using Feedback Websites:

Have you ever considered submitting your website to feedback sites for review? Lots of these feedback websites offer a follow back link to your site. An example is All you have to do is submit your site with a little description of how you want to improve it. It is important to take note that most of these feedback websites have a large number daily website visitors and are mostly PR3 or above websites. Submitting your site to these feedback site will automatically attract some visitors to your website and in addition to the awareness of the existence of your website, you also enjoy backlinks from high quality websites. Some notable feebback websites to condier and their page rank includes: (PR3), (PR5), (PR3). You could google more feedback sites and submit your sites to them to enjoy the high quality backlinks that willhelp improve your site’s position on search engine results’ page.

  • Give Testimonials:

Regardless of company size or industry, almost all companies love to show off testimonials from satisfied customers/clients. If you are using any product or service and you love it, consider sending them a testimonial.

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When you do make sure you tell them they can put it on their homepage or testimonial page to show them that you are real person. Even without you asking, in most cases they will put a link to your site. With this strategy you can get backlinks from authoritative sites too. Sometimes when I see a page with about PR6, I often buy their products just so I can give a testimonial inorder to enjoy backlinks from the sites. The example below features testimonials from some of our clients. Notice the URL and how it links back to client website

  • Infographics:

Using infographics to build backlinks is one amazing method that works very fine. The good news in addition is that, this method has been ignored over the years so much that only few SEO experts are away of its impact on search engine results’ page. Most dwell on the wrong assumption that it has to go viral for it to work but the truth is either it goes viral or not, it still does magic!

All you have to do is to be creative, hire a graphics designer to create it for you. Once you have the infographics, your first step is to submit to infographics sharing websites like (PR7), (PR5), (PR4) and (PR3), Then reach out to other websites like forums or fellow bloggers in your niche and offer them the infographic as a guest post.

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On the next page, discover all th other strategies ad web URL links you should consider getting your first 500 back links from.

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