top 5 digital media trends to expect In 2018

If these top 5 digital media trends to expect In 2018 become reality, social media will never be the same as before – ever again!

Do you know that it is already becoming harder for brands to catch the attention of their target audience as competition increases & the average attention span reduces to 8-seconds?

But first before going further, allow me to welcome you to the new year and get ready to discover some of the top trends and innovations you should expect.

Top 5 Digital Media Trends To Expect In 2018

  • Censored Social Media: This year, don’t count on the social networks to provide its core service: an uncensored platform for every imaginable view. The censorship has already begun, and it’ll only get heavier. The limitations of selective censorship and the ability of paid trolls and dedicated activists to bypass it will become obvious this year — and so will the need for better ways to make sure the social media companies join the ranks of responsible media.
  • top-5-digital-media-trends-to-expect-in-2018Chatbots Now Have Feelings Too, Don’t Hurt Them! Chatbots are no longer the robotic, clunky machines they once were. They are bots that are able to provide an instant connection with customers from all over the world – solving customer issues and even ordering pizza. This year, expect 20% of business content to be machine-generated.  If machines can be taught to create stories that are genuine and relatable, the advertising and marketing potential is certainly worth investigating.
  • Rise of Augmented Reality: The 3rd on our list of top 5 digital media trends to expect in 2018 is augmented reality. We have already seen Snapchat roll out a new AR feature allowing users to their Bitmoji and project themselves or images into the real world through the app’s camera. For example, IKEA rolled out ‘Place’ an app for users to preview furniture in their home before buying. This is a great way to increase conversions by showing customers how their products will look in the surroundings of their own home, before buying. As AR grows ‘Virtual FOMO’ will become a reality. People will start to feel like they are missing out on this new world and want to become part of it. Therefore social media will help AR go mainstream
  • Video! Video!! Video!!! In a mobile-first culture, video is our main consumption. In 2017 90% of all content shared by users on social media is video. The biggest challenge is how you can capture your audience’s attention in the first 3 seconds.
  • Influencer Marketing Will Continue To Rise: Influencer marketing is not a new thing anymore. Due to the vast majority of marketers wanting to tap into the influencer market, there are far more challenges faced by agencies and brands. The popularity of influencer marketing has made it hard to know who to trust. Viewers will become bored of seeing brands use any influencer with over 10,000 Instagram followers to promote teeth whitening or protein shakes
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In a really fast growing tech & digital media space and considering these top 5 digital media trends to expect in 2018, it is important to stay updated and constantly learning more about how to grow your business. 

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