Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Not Switch To Instagram Business Account.

Have you wondered why many marketers consider Instagram business account to be a trap? In this article we shall be talking about the Instagram business account and how it negatively affects your brand and sharing top 4 reasons why you should not switch to Instagram business account. We shall also be sharing some of the major losses brands should expect to lose once they make the switch from personal to business profile/page.

Recently, we published an article on Instagram Ads being available to businesses of all sizes. It is only natural that Instagram wants you to pay to get more engagement (likes and followers). When you switch to a business profile you signal to Instagram that you are a business owner and hence you begin to lose the free privileges entitled to personal profiles some of which we shall discuss further below:

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Not Switch To Instagram Business Account.

The Instagram algorithm (just like Facebook’s algorithm) constantly changes and I have no doubt that since Instagram posts are no longer seen in a chronological order, the Instagram business accounts will be indexed the same way Facebook business pages are (i.e. like a house guest who’s stayed too long). Below are some the reasons why brands that convert to Instagram business profile experience a curve:

  • Decrease In Engagement: When you switch to an Instagram business profile, you might experience a decrease in engagement. Business are the bread and butter of instagram. It is only strategic for instagram to want businesses pay to get more engagement (likes and followers).
  • Being Labelled As A Business:  The beauty of Instagram is building a community (not a business). A community of people who love to see what you share and say and eventually want to buy what u share and say. And if you build your community well enough they will find out a way to contact you.
  • You Might Lose Visibility: Loss of visibility occurs in a business profile. So if you tell Instagram that you are into business, it is likely your posts will be given less preference to an individual’s posts.
  • Goodbye To Organic Reach: Any business owner on instagram business page will be unable to maintain an organic reach. The value of organic reach and engagement is priceless when it comes to building a brand. When your followers are organically engaging with your content, you’ve earned their interest, and they want to be associated with your brand. So if you switch to a business profile you become their primary target market. You need to pay.
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Although some of the Pros that come with having a business account includes analytics, business owners are recommended to use a third party tool to get desired insights. However, you could switch to a business profile & see how you go for a month or two.
See if your account is still growing, if you engagement rate is going up, etc…
Learn as much as you can from the free insights. If you feel like your account isn’t growing as much as before you made the switch, just go back in your settings and revert.

Warning: Many people have reported that their engagement has never gone back to “normal” after switching.

As marketers and business owners, our best bet is to keep our Instagram accounts as-is to maintain our organic reach. As long as we keep putting out relevant and inspiring content and engage with our fans in an authentic matter, we’ll come out on top. Focus on building a community not a business. After getting an organic reach and building a community of organic followers large enough to sustain the brand, switching to a business profile wouldnt be in a bad idea in the end . Nonetheless for starters, a personal profile is recommend for organic growth and visibility.

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Considering these top 4 reasons why you should not switch to Instagram business account,  what do you think are the other benefits of having a business profile? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below or join the conversation on social media @webkraft_llc




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