Increase Open-Rate of E-mail Marketing Campaigns
Increase Open-Rate of E-mail Marketing Campaigns

Yes! e-mail marketing has been around for years & almost everyone is doing it today! Are you still wondering how to increase open-rate of your e-mail marketing campaigns considering the fact that your target audience probably receives tons of e-mails daily? Today we reveal some of the most essential factors you need to consider.

No doubt, e-mail marketing over the years has proven to be a very important aspect of digital marketing however with consistent improvement in technology, marketers need to find more advanced methods to increase performance of their e-mail marketing campaigns. By following these top 10 most important rules of e-mail marketing to increase open-rate, expect to see changes and improvement as early as the next time you check your analytics again! So what exactly are these rules to follow? In no particular order, lets explore some of them:

Top 10 Most Important Rules & How To Increase Open-Rate Of Your E-mail Marketing Campaigns.

  • Contrary to what majority of marketers believe, It is not the number of e-mails you have that count. It is actually the percentages of the e-mail addresses belonging to the prospects that will possibly buy from you that matters. Make it easy for uninterested leads to unsubscribe from your campaign and manage your e-mail list strictly. If necessary delete the addresses that do not open your emails and ensure to filter and segment your addresses from time to time.
  • E-mails with the first name of the recipient either in the subject or body of the e-mail tend to get higher open-rates compared to e-mails without the name of the recipient or e-mails with the very popular “Sir/Ma”. If it is impossible to have the name of the recipient in the e-mail you might want to consider using another name to grab the attention e.g “Remember Kate? Here’s Is How She Got Her First 1000 Leads” and then in the e-mail you can further introduce Kate to the recipient. Take note the e-mail headline is catchy, there is a name there…the name factor makes lots of difference
  • Stop being too polite! Why asking how is your day and how is the summer when you might not really be sincere about being interested? Your readers read lots of these e-mails lines all the time and sadly it occupies one of the most strategic locations especially the fact that it appears in the inbox summary of the e-mail. You really want to know more about how to increase the open-rate of your e-mail marketing campaigns? Then see this next important tip.
  • Here we talked about easy steps to getting your e-mails delivered to inbox but guess what that is not all that is needed to increase the open-rate of your e-mail marketing campaigns – Make sure you have the benefits in the first 20 words! the reason is simple and here’s why: In most e-mail readers, the inbox display includes the sender, the subject and the first 20 words. Your recipient decides whether or not to open the email based on these factors. Other rules to increase open-rate of your e-mail marketing campaigns includes but not limited to:
  • Asking a Yes/No Question
  • Include Only 1-call to action or Maximum of 3
  • Timing is everything in marketing — especially email marketing. Be sure that you’re sending your emails at the best times given their message, audience and intent. You can find this out through testing, or do research on your industry to see what results tend to be.
  • Don’t Buy E-mails! You will often get very low open rates with purchased e-mails. Offering a freebie or running a contest in exchange for an email address are far better ways to build your list organically.
  • If your company’s email messages don’t read well on mobile, you’re in trouble. When your emails display well on mobile, you’ll improve your open rates, in addition to enjoying higher engagement and more clicks on included links.
  • Be sure your e-mails are delivered into the inbox folders of the recipient and not the spam folder. If you are sending from your web-mail, you can contact your hosting company to confirm your domain has not been blacklisted.
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By following these tips on how to increase open-rate of your e-mail marketing campaigns, there should definitely be an improvement. However, it is important to be sure you are not doing anything technically wrong. Are you using Mailchimp, Aweber, Madmini, Constant Contact or any of the cloud based e-mail marketing platforms? Although, your open-rate chances might be quite higher but it is also important you can get things done against the limitations provided by this services.

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Over 500+ professionals have been trained so far and majority of them can testify to positive changes and improvements in their businesses. If you also have any tips on how to increase open-rate of e-mail marketing campaigns, please tell us in the comment section and remember to share this post with any of the social media buttons below to your friends too. Don’t forget that by following this tips you just might convert another lead to client anytime soon. We wish you all the best!

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