The holidays are here again! Expect lots of discounts and great deals from several online stores and other brands and businesses. Many of these offers will come from known brands and online stores but then again, expect great discounts and offers from online stores and brands you probably never heard about! Now this is the time to be on the look out for holiday online shopping scams. One of the “not-so-merry” facts about the holiday shopping season is that cyber criminals are poised and ready to defraud online shoppers. Be enlightened and prepared! Here are some amazing tips for protecting yourself against holiday online shopping scams:

For online retailers & e-commerce brands, You can outrun the hackers with these tips:

  1. Do not allow guest check-outs.
  2. Allow only secure connections which means using only HTTPS and not HTTP (Talking about secure connections.
  3. If sensitive data must be stored, make sure you use very strong encryption or better still don’t store sensitive data at all!
  4. Monitor the system constantly and set-up alerts based on activity, transaction amount and volume.
  5. Get an external security audit done regularly as it is not safe for you to assume your hosting provider is updated on patches and has updated PCI compliance – For a full digital media and cyber property audit and analysis of-course you can get in touch with us at Webkraft, LLC! *winks* Oh Yes! you can! It’s just as easy as clicking: here or sending an e-mail to!
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For online shoppers, take note of these information so you don’t fall victim!

  1. Be wary of websites, online ads, or unsolicited emails touting FREE or heavily discounted prices on the season’s hot toy or gadget. These “too good to be true” offers often lead to cyber fraud. If the emails contain links or attachments, DO NOT CLICK on them because they could infect your computer with malicious software. And if the FREE or discounted offer requires that you provide your bank account, credit card or social security number, then it is definitely a scam.
  2. When making online purchases, always use a credit card with limits your personal liability.
  3. Watch out for the “Phishers!”: When visiting online retailers, be sure to type the actual website address into your browser. Do not follow links provided by email offers, other websites or pop-up ads. In some cases, these links could take you to phishing sites or sites designed to infect your computer, and yet they are made to look exactly like the legitimate retail sites.
  4. When making online purchases, always look at your Web browser for the https (as opposed to http) protocol that proceeds a Web address. The “s” let’s you know that the Web site provides a layer of security for transmitting your personal information over the Internet.
  5. Be wary of emails notifying you that your banking certificate or token is out of date and asking you to download a new one. Before taking any action, call your financial institution using a phone number that is not provided in the email.
  6. Online computer users should avoid using weak or default passwords for any online site, and should use a different password for each site!
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One key information to bear in mind this season is that, most of these hackers attack via e-mails so it is very important to be careful of links found in e-mails and attachments/documents that comes with these e-mails! Also it is important to ensure all infrastructures, browsers, plug-ins et.c are up to date this season!

Now it’s your turn to share your opinions, suggestions and experience with us in the comment section below, we do hope you find this article informative and will take note of some of the points mentioned herein. Do not forget to share these post with your friends and families too. We never can tell you just might be saving a vulnerable person from falling victim to any of these holiday online shopping scams.


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