Tips On Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Brand/Business Online.

Like the saying; Words have meanings and names have power, there is so much power in the domain name you choose for your website. Not only does it stick to your website forever, its impact on your presence online is stronger than the website itself. For consistency, brand awareness and recognition, it’s important the title of the website and the domain name be the same as the company/brand name. This will make it easier for offline customers/clients to recognize your business online.

In addition to these tips, We encourage you to consider the points below when choosing a domain name for your business:

  •  Avoid Numbers & Hyphens: 

This is one of the most common blunders and should be avoided as possible as it can be. Numbers and hyphens cause a lot of confusion. Its makes people misunderstand what your domain name is like. For example, people who hear your website address wouldn’t know if you are using a number (6) or its is spelled out as six or they misplace the hyphens or forget the dash. Try avoid this blunder as much as you can. You should consider registering a different variation if this applies to you.

  • Keep It Short & Easy To Spell:

Long website URL are most likely going to make your website header look cluttered as they will take a lot of space and this will extend across your web pages. Besides this impact it will have on your website and SEO indirectly, short domain names will be easy for your customers to spell, type and remember. In the event where you already have a long business name, you should consider registering the acronyms instead to avoid customers mistyping or mispelling your domain name. For example, Bristish Airways website is but because it is understood that this might cause some confusion when pronounced as some people might wonder if ther is a dash between “british” and “airways”, a shorter url was registered which is Another example is American Airlines ( Keeping it short and simple is highly recommended.

  • Make It Relevant & Memorable:

A relevant name will give potential customers a clear indication as to why they should visit your website. It is important your domain name reflects what your website is about. In addition to making it relevant, you should also consider choosing a domain name that is catchy and memorable. You might want to share it with friends to make sure it makes sense to others and sounds appealing.

  • Consider Other Domain Extension:

Depending on your preference and desire, if your first choice is a .com domain and its not available and you are not a worldwide company then you might want to consider another domain extension such as a .co which ranks identically to .com in search results. If your business or service targets a particular location then you might opt for a local domain extension e.g .ca if you are based in Canada or if based in United Kingdom. This will boost your site ranking when people search for your keywords or your site in the country you operate.

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In addition to the points above, you should also consider adding a keyword t you website domain name.

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