These AI Platforms Generate Ultra Realistic Fashion Models With Custom Outfits & Poses

The fashion industry is no doubt getting more intelligent with smarter solutions. Besides virtual try-on technology, these AI platforms generate ultra realistic fashion models with custom outfits and poses. Lets find out more about the features and what this new trend entails.

2018 was the year AI influencers & digital models became prominent in the fashion industry. By early 2019, digital models became more popular on social media gathering millions of followers and engagements on their profiles. One of these models/influencers @lilmiquela as at the time of writing this post already has about 2.2m followers on Instagram . In February of 2020, she collaborated with Prada for Milan Fashion Week, by posting 3D-generated gifs of herself at the Milan show venue wearing the spring/summer 2018 collection.

Prada isn’t the only brand that’s embracing the virtual world. Balmain now has a “Balmain Army” that features CGI models Margot, Shudu and Zhi who showcase the latest designs from its BBox line.

Being a fashion model isn’t as easy as it looks. Good looks go a long way, but presenting an outfit in the best possible light also requires a an exhaustive awareness of poses and the patience to perform for hours under hot lights in the studio or on the catwalk. Together, let’s review and look at these AI platforms that generate ultra realistic fashion models with custom outfits & poses.

  • combines deep AI with state-of-the-art 3D rendering to create next-gen print models. Their services also includes CGI Body, AI Faces & Artificial Environments. Starting from $199 you can get a basic AI model and choose from about 10 poses. The basic plan is recommended brands and influencers who offer their own merch and simply need a model to get the job done under budget and also suitable for large retail brands used to working with traditional modeling agencies at scale. You can visit their site here – to find out more details
  • a Japanese tech company made the AI using a Generative Adversarial Network (or GAN). GANs work by essentially pitting two algorithms against each other, with one trying to generate fake images and another trying to spot that they’re fake. The same kind of AI technology that has wowed the internet with computer-generated cats, faces, and Airbnb listings has now been used to create completely fake fashion models. Although looking very closely at the model’s faces might tip you off that they’re not real, the results are spookily realistic. DataGrid said in a press release it wants next to generate models capable of movement.
  • is selling technology that analyzes pieces of clothing and automatically generates an image of the garment on a person of any size, shape, or wearing any kind of shoes. Instead of hiring a professional photographer, models, and a studio, retailers only have to take a picture of the garment laid out on a plain surface. The AI can generate a human figure, then predict how the garment would fit. Similar to the technology used by DataGrid as above, also implements the machine learning approach called generative adversarial networks, or GANs. The system has two AIs: an generator and a critic. The generator tries to make an image that looks good, and the critic decides if it looks good enough.
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With this AI fashion models on the rise, could it be possible that the once glamorous job of a fashion model is gradually going extinct? Could this be models for the future? Would you consider an AI model or recommend it for your clients? Please share your views and opinions with us in the comment section. See you around and look forward to bringing more valuable contents your way.

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