Importance of Visual Contents & 7 Formats That Go Viral Quick
The Power & Importance of Visual Contents & 7 Formats That Go Viral Quick

Recent research reveals that the brain processes visual contents 60,000 times faster than text! You are about to discover the power & importance of visual contents & 7 formats that go viral quicker when compared to others. If you are considering increasing the performance of your content marketing team then you might also want to see what we published here.

Compared to past few years, it has been more easier than ever to create and share contents either for personal purposes or business purposes. With so much content out there, the attention span of the average audience is quite short as they are quick to jump to the next content. How do you get the attention of your target audience and have them stick to your content longer?

Over time, one of the best chances of going viral has been through visual contents and the case is still the same till now. The importance of visual contents can not be under-estimated not only because it is appealing to the audience but also because it is the most efficient and effective way to pass your message across.

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Top 7 Formats That Go Viral & The Importance of Visual Contents In Social Media & Other Places Online

First, let us go through some of the importance of creating visual contents before discussing the top 7 formats that go viral quicker than others. By telling a complete story with a visual content, you are able to engage the audience within a short space of time and probably even evoke emotions which is quite necessary & makes it possible for the audience to remember that content.

Visual contents can also help to establish a strong selection criteria and a structure for decision making that favors your brand or product over a competitor thereby shortening your sales cycle & generating more leads. Besides the importance of visual contents amongst several others, below are some of the top formats that go viral quicker than others:

  • Infographics: A large percentage of web-surfers love infographics. Information graphics as the full name implies crystalize a lot of information into one easily viewable visual that is less intimidating and easier to understand for any viewer or reader. In digital media atmosphere, they are 3 times more likely to be shared than other types of contents. See an example below;Top 7 Formats That Go Viral & The Importance of Visual Contents In Social Media & Other Places Online
  • Quote Cards: Compared to infographics, one of the advantages of quote cards is that they are quite easier to create and also easier to share. For example, a quote card when done correctly can be used as a profile picture on some apps and social networks unlike infographics. A visual representation of a quote can be quite an inspiring way to create emotion and therefore motivate an audience to take action, or feel a certain way about a brand or product.
  • Visual Puzzles & Quizzes: This type has been known to get a lot of shares and engagement on social media. There is a tendency to share a puzzle and quiz online so much that when people find an interesting puzzle, the urge to share is quite higher compared to infographics and quote cards. When done correctly, you can easily construct a smart and prudent tone for your brand. This also helps to spark creativity and foster engagement with your brand.
  • Memes & Comics: This is no doubt the most popular format – not only does it go viral quicker than others, it is also quite very easy to create. The digital media atmosphere loves memes so much and of course who wouldn’t appreciate a little comic to light up the day? Visits could jump from as little as 10 daily to 50,000 daily!
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Considering the importance of visual contents in social media and other places online, other formats that go viral quicker when compared to others includes data visualization graphics, screenshots and of course – Videos! When done correctly, videos have a high probability of going viral too without compromising on quality.

Of-course there could be more visual content formats that can go viral but for some reasons, these top 7 types are most likely to go viral quicker when compared with others however, if you have other possible formats you’d like to share and add to this list, please feel free to mention them in the comment section below. Considering creating your next visual contents, see this article on 30 free social media design tools!

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