New Apple MacBook 2015 Review: Processor & Battery Life

Inside the thinnest Apple MacBook 2015 is Intel’s new energy-efficient Core M “Broadwell” processors, housed in a logic board that is 67 per cent smaller than Apple’s previous record. The base model runs at 1.1GHz and can Turbo Boost to 2.4GHz.

There are concerns about the speed of this processor but we shall bring you full reports once we have reliable updates and carried out a speed test on the new MacBook.

Another feature currently being tested is the battery life although Apple made a point of highlighting that the battery is one of the new MacBook’s standout features. Apple describes it as “all day” battery life, but what that really means is 9 hours of web surfing or 10 hours of watching video.

New Apple MacBook 2015 Review: Price and availability

The new MacBook 2015 is expected to be available from 10 April, with a starting price of £1,049.

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