New Apple MacBook 2015 Review: Keyboard and Trackpad

Its amazing how Apple has kept the full size keyboard despite the thin and light design of the new MacBook. The keys are actually slightly bigger than those on current Mac laptops which makes them slightly closer together.  One important new feature to take note is how Apple has changed the mechanism beneath the keys, replacing the scissor-switch mechanism with a new butterfly mechanism. Now, the keys will go straight up and down rather than leaning like the do with the scissor-switch mechanism. The backlit keyboard has been improved, too, with each key boasting its own LED light, meaning they all have the same brightness level.


In addition to the keyboard improvements, The new MacBook boasts of the new Force Trackpad, which uses technology like that found in the Apple Watch to measure how much pressure you’re using. The new Force Click gesture can be used in various ways. Force Click on an address, for example, and it will automatically launch the Maps app. You can also Force Click on a Mail attachment to Quick Look at it, Force Click on a date and time to create a new Calendar event, or even Force Click a word to find out what it means.

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New Apple MacBook 2015 Review: Ports

This review wouldn’t be complete without talking about the ports. It might interest you to know there’s no Magsafe, there’s no USB 3, there’s no Thunderbolt, there’s no SD card slot. There are only two ports, one for your headphones and the other is a USB Type-C port that pretty much does everything else.

The USB-C port can be used for charging, as USB for connecting peripherals, for HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort. And of course, that means you’re going to need an adapter, which you can buy from Apple.

Having that one port may have enable Apple to make this MacBook incredibly slim, but just how portable is it if you’re required to also carry adapters, which you’re likely to forget and leave behind.

This is quite impressive but it calls for serious concerns. You will be amazed and shocked when you find out what we have on the next page!

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