2015 is most likely going to turn out to be another amazing year. The SEO industry over the years has gone through a whole lot of changes. New algorithms have been developed over the years which has caused some sites to loose rankings on Google at the same time several other websites have improved greatly due to these new algorithms. Guess its safe to say there are two sides to every coin. Obviously, the SEO tactics and trends of 2014 are very much different from 2013, 2012 and earlier years therefore we should be expecting new trends in 2015. Studying the trends, tactics and statistics, revealed below are some new tactics and seo trends expected to dominate the SEO industry in 2015.

1. More Values On Social Signals From Twitter & Facebook: Compared to the value placed on links from social media in 2014 and following the failed Google+ authorship experiment, 2015 is expected to feature an SEO trend where more values will be placed on social signals as compared to previous years. Considering the fact that Google has ended its authorship program due to low adoption rates, it is expected that Google will start putting more emphasis on social signals from facebook and twitter despite its hesistancy in the past.  It is recommended that SEO experts constantly insist on social media optimization in otder to boost their rankings as it is already believed to be a part of the ranking algorith even though Google denies  this fact despite the correlation shown in studies. So whether or not social signals is already a part of the algorithm or not, 2015 most likely will remove all doubts and social signals will become a significant factor.

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2. Negative SEO Effects & Threat: There are several ways in which a site can be found guilty of negative SEO. In most cases it is when dubious SEO individuals build spammy links pointed to a competitor’s website with the intent of causing their search ranking to plummet. Over the couple of years, this has been a big problem for webmasters but in 2015 we are expected to see a lot of improvements. Google will need to find ways to recognize manipulative links built to compromise websites, and penalize the perpetrators. And all this without the involvement of webmasters, in order to maintain the integrity of search results.

3. Brand Mentions & Citations: Following a patent submitted recently which can be seen online here, we shall see that Google is trying to differentiate between ‘express links” and “implied links” and  in addition to the already abused link building strategy, Google might start placing more emphasis on brand mentions and citations which is most likely less to be manipulated to boost rankings. Over the course of 2015, we’ll see more businesses measuring and tracking brand mentions nofollowed links and we’ll discover that these are becoming just as important as “dofollow” links for search rankings.

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Other trends and strategies expected to dominate the SEO industry in 2015 might be SEO becoming more focused on technical elements while content marketing will drive search rankings. Also it is expected that sites that aren’t optimized for user intent and mobile SEO will fail in 2015.

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