Following our recent publication on E-mail marketing explaining its benefits, impact, reasons an strategies every business must consider, we are glad to know that lots of our readers found it very useful and there has been positive feed-backs on how it has affected their business. However, it has been pointed out by some of our readers that they experience high bounce rates and this affects the results they expect from the campaign.

On this post, we are going to share with you possible solutions and show you an easy way to reduce bounce rates by verifying e-mail addresses with one click! To find out about the amazing benefits of e-mail marketing, strategies to consider, and also understand how it can contribute to the growth of your business, click here to read full post!

Over the years, E-mail has proven to be one of the most powerful tools that companies can leverage to communicate with their consumers, however before companies/brands can take advantage of this amazing tool, they must have valid e-mail addresses. According to the CEO & Founder of kickbox – Dan Stevens, When an e-mail bounces, everybody looses. A bounced e-mail might cost every business money and, worse still, it can damage the business’ email reputation – sometimes irreversibly.

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By understanding how important it is to verify e-mails, there has been lots of soft-wares and online services to help business know the status of e-mails before adding them to e-mail lists for marketing. Below are some online services you might find useful for verifying e-mail addresses:

At Webkraft, LLC we use Kickbox to verify our e-mail addresses not only because it allows to import emails to be verified in csv formats but because over time it has proven to be accurate and trustworthy. Recently an integration with VerticalResponse was announced which gives Kickbox a plus over other options.

For those unfamiliar, VerticalResponse provides a suite online marketing tools to help small businesses connect with their consumers over various channels including email, social media and mobile. With the new integration, small and medium-sized businesses will be able to leverage Kickbox’s email verification technology to verify consumer email addresses. To verify email addresses companies simply import their consumer email lists into Kickbox’s verification platform which guarantees a minimum deliverability rate of 95 percent.

Please note that this publication was not written to promote either of the mentioned URLs contained herein. All brands and trademarks remain properties of their respective owners. However, it is a sincere review from our experience with the platform hence why it is being suggested to our readers who raised the high bounce rate issue. If you have other suggestions, recommendations or will like to share your opinions/personal experience with us, we encourage you to use the comment section below or contact us via our website, e-mail address or other contact details available on our contact us page.

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