It’s that time of the year where e-commerce merchants and vendors see more people buying from them at a quicker pace. To capitalize on this phenomenon, e-commerce retailers are expected to ensure everything is in place in order to meet up with shoppers expectations and competitors offerings. This article shares some other proven methods for online store owners ready to speed up their e-commerce sales:

  • Provide Multiple Payment Options: Compared to previous years back, there has been a remarkable increase in trust between online store owners and shoppers. While some would still rather go with a pay on delivery option, quite a large number of online shoppers would rather choose to pay online. For this category of people, It is recommended that in order to boost sales, e-commerce website owners should provide multiple payment options for shoppers so they can easily check out and choose from the various options.
  • Offer An Exit Incentive: At the point of exit, online shoppers can still consider finishing an order if appropriate incentives are properly place at strategic locations. Store owners should not have to wait till their customers open their e-mail or see other ads on social media.
  • Allow The Option To Check Out As Guest: Giving a shopper a great first-time experience is the best chance a retailer has at getting them to buy again. By allowing for guest checkout, the person will likely convert if that was their original plan but asking for more information than is needed to complete the sale, could end the sale instead.
  • Offer The Option To Pay Installments: By offering a way to split up the total purchase cost, the visitor is more likely to complete the purchase quicker. Sometimes whether a person completes their purchase or not has nothing to do with the retailer but rather the shopper’s personal situation.
  • Partner With Market Influencers: Though this could be made available for a limited time, consider giving recognizable names in your vertical access to promotion codes that they can share with their audiences.
  • Display Realtime Activity: Whether it’s a social feed of people talking about the product being shown or how fellow shoppers are buying at the moment, showing real-time activity creates a sense of urgency on a site
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Other methods to generate more sales that you might want to consider includes but not limited to;

  • Deal Of The Day Offers
  • Highlighted Limited Inventory
  • Badged Products/Items
  • Adding Social Media Buttons Strategically, Experimenting With Colors & Updating Calls To Action Buttons.

You should consider a countdown/timer somewhere on the website. We’re all motivated by time and when a shopper sees a countdown clock for a promotion ending, they may feel huried and ready to buy quicker.

Although there are several more ways to achieve more sales. However, besides the ones mentioned in this article, please feel free to share your suggestions in the comment section below and remember to share this article with your friends and colleague maybe via e-mail or social media

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