There are times when the content marketing team feels drained and exhibits signs of burnout. At times like this, it is recommended the team takes a break out of the routine. In this article, we shall explore proven brain-trainng exercises that will bump everyone’s brain out of well-traveled grooves, while allowing for some fun as well.

Just so you know, there is a website that offers realtime scientific brain training that can be taken 10 minutes a day to unleash cognitive skills. NeuroNation brain games aim to improve your working memory, which is your ability to process information quickly, make rational decisions and ignore distractions.

Below are some brain training exercises to try during down times:

  • Aware Turtles:This game exercises the ability to speak persuasively regardless of the subject. It’s a skill that’s especially important for agencies with diverse clients, but also for marketers who feel stuck with a “boring” solution to market and also good for getting laughs while thinking about what makes speech persuasive, and how the product is less important than the narrative marketers can create.
  • Headline Narratives:With this exercise, the creative team is encouraged to write better headlines and the power in them. It also serves to inspire more critical thinking about the audience and the tone that will more deeply inform content creation. Start with the headline of one of your team’s recent blog posts any other content & have everyone suggest ways to rewrite the headline. Then discuss the different headlines everyone generated. What feelings do each invoke? How do they attract or repel different audience.
  • How Do You Do Fellow Kids: 
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fellow-kidsTo train good writing habits with bad writing habits, this is one of the games to consider. Its more about matching your tone to your audience. To this game, you can take a piece of content from your brand—a blog post or social media message—and rewrite it directed at a specific audience. But your task it to be as bad at targeting that audience as possible while trying to have a good laugh at the same time.

Tired of reading? Now is the time to try some games out. Register on NeuroNation to enjoy a free 10minutes daily. Share your thoughts & recommendations in the comment session below and remember to use the social media buttons below

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