In this article, we shall be exploring post covid-19 predictions on e-commerce & what to expect from work, life, business & the economy.

Often times when a new disease break out claiming lots of lives, the world generally experiences the five stages of grief which often starts with denial of the impact or actual existence of such disease. It is estimated that over 70% of people that heard about the corona virus for the first time under-estimated or downplayed it’s possible impact and rate of spread.

At this point, it is safe to say the world has gotten to the acceptance phase so basically against our desires and choice, the covid-19 virus is here and no doubt impacted our lives, business, work, economy in so many ways it is obvious it’s legacy will continue even after a cure/vaccine has been found.

Looking at the brighter side and from a positive perspective, there are quite a lot of important lessons learnt since the spread of the disease started. But for now, let’s look some of the post Covid-19 predictions & what to expect even after a cure/vaccine is available.

  • The quarantine & social distance mindset will most likely remain for a couple more years. Knowing that the virus can be transferred much easily, a lot of people have been forced to see everyone as a potential threat. This in return will make intimacy feels treacherous. It is expected that even the smallest and sweetest goals like giving a hug, getting an hair-cut among-st several regular day to day human inter-activity will be carried out with so much caution it might jeopardize the main purpose & intention along the line. For many people, this is the beginning of a new era & lifetime completely.
  • The face mask is expected to be fully integrated into modern fashion – With some governments implementing new policies that makes wearing face-mask compulsory along side with the new designs and fashionable mask. A shift from the association of mask with crime to public health is highly anticipated.
  • Online Shopping & Digital Payments – As the need for contact-less interactions continue to increase, the necessity of online shopping and digital payments is expected to be on the increase. Let’s recall that the SARS outbreak in 2002 led to a tremendous growth of both business-to-business and business-to-consumer online marketplace platforms in China. Similarly, COVID-19 has transformed online shopping from a nice-to-have to a must-have around the world. Some bars in Beijing have even continued to offer happy hours through online orders and delivery. This growth in e-commerce will also have the world experience improved digital payments & a robust delivery system
  • Rise in virtual environments, augmented reality, AI & 5G technology: One of the ripple effects and anticipated post covid-19 predictions is the expected increase in augmented reality and virtual environments, more fashion brands and online stores are expected to introduce virtual try-ons, AI models and 3D shopping. Other virtual experiences to expect includes e-sports, virtual exhibitions and concerts along side a remarkable growth in VR gaming and online entertainment.
  • Remote Working, Tele-conferencing & E-learning are expected to continue to rise as more organizations are beginning to embrace and encourage these models among their staff/team. With the strengthened work from home policies already in place, new habits and lifestyle are expected to be built around these new ways of working and learning
  • Tele Health & Virtual Hospitals: The health industry will no doubt welcome a new generation of doctors and mode of operations. With insurance companies making it easier to pay for Tele-health services, the tele-health industry is becoming more versatile than we always thought it was. Besides the fact that it is much easier to chat with a doctor than to go visit a hospital, wearable IoT devices can track vital signs and chatbots can make initial diagnosis based on patient symptoms. This industry is expected to experience continuous improvements and growth after the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Other predictions to expect includes but not limited to more dependence on robotics and drones, considering the fact many of these innovations are dependent on stable and high speed internet, 5G & more advanced information technology upgrades should be expected too. Digital security, and the demand for big data and analytics skills are also expected to increase. SSL encryption is often the first step to securing websites and digital assests – here there is a guide on how to install free SSL on your website for protection.
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Personally, I believe the possibility of a more affordable or even free global internet should be expected in the nearest future as the world new economy moves to the internet. However, some things are expected to remain the same or experience slight changes. For example, global travel should be expected to resume fully after a couple months when the lock-downs are lifted as it is human nature to travel and go around the world nonetheless this will have little or no impact on the rising virtual communication channels.

There are no doubts on how important it is for businesses and business owners to implement smarter digital tools and be prepared for the post covid-19 era. For courses and insights on business digitization, globalization, digital literacy and selling in a post covid-19 world, you can visit to explore available resources to explore.

So far these are some post covid-19 predictions on e-commerce & what to expect from work, life, business & the economy. However, we are open to more ideas and suggestions so please feel free to share with us in the comment section.

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