Have you ever wondered how to make money from your social media accounts? Converting all the reach and followers to revenue? Do you have enough followers on any of your social media accounts? Let’s do a little maths here – If you have enough friends/followers and you are active on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, Today, I will be sharing with you how you can start making money from your social media accounts! and guess what –  You Don’t Need A Blog!

It’s all about sponsored posts and this platform I am about to introduce you to has recently been acquired by Google which is another reason you might want to get on board real quick!

As mentioned earlier, all you need is an active social media profile and more than 5000 followers! This new monetization technique I am about to share with you is called Social Media Monetization & the network is – FameBit

Famebit is a platform that helps you get sponsorship by connecting your social media accounts with brands. The good news here is that, you don’t have to be the most famous person in the world to be a social media influencer. As a brand, getting influencers to talk about your products on various social networking sites has proven to be very valuable with possibilities of going viral!

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This platform is the right marketplace for you to get started! The first you should do is to sign up on FameBit,  after registration, link all your profiles and write a compelling bio.


Here is How To Make Money From Your Social Media Accounts

Once you have registered and verified the newly created account, you can browse the brands who are looking for influencers to promote & talk about their product. There is a marketplace where you will find products related to almost all popular niches such as technology, gadgets, beauty, fashion, pets & many others.

famebit-dashboard2Offers can be sorted based on targeted social networks, niches & pricing with an option to see more details about the sponsorship & contact the brand with your idea & proposal. See an example screenshot below:

duckduckgoWondering how the brand will see the proposal? See the image below:


It is recommended that you study the brand and come up with a unique idea for each and you can send to as many companies as you desire. Take note that once you submit the content on your channel, the company who sponsored your content becomes the copyright owner. They can reuse it for their other media campaigns and also Famebit charges a 10% for providing the platform.

You can also receive physical products to try & review. So at times, it’s OK to keep your proposal price low as you will get to review the product for free.

Overall, Famebit is one of those monetization techniques which is not limited to bloggers.

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Anyone who is active on social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter (and a few more) can earn a decent income out of it.

Ready to get started or just want to see what this platform looks like?

Click Here To Visit Famebit Website

Already using Famebit? Share your experience in the comment section below and in the event whereby you know anyone that would like to make money from social media account, let them know about this platform by sharing this article on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and GooglePlus. If you’d like to speak with us or share your concerns with someone right away, please use the contact form widget on the sidebar, chat or drop a message via the live chat at the lower right corner of this website


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