While some of us might know it as Instagram engagement groups, the one questions I get asked most times is Do Instagram Pods still work and how to find the right Instagram pods in Nigeria. In this article I shall be sharing briefly what Instagram pods are all about and how it has been one of the key activities used by business owners to boost their Instagram page.

In a previously published article published here, you might want to find out some of the differences between using Instagram as a user or as a business.

It’s no doubt that instagram is a market place which has over 1 billion monthly active users, 500 million daily active users in 2020 and currently helping people drive sales either through advert, influencers etc. but Hey! – it doesn’t really stop there.

To get remarkable and organic results on Instagram, business owners are required to be more creative with their contents as it is quite more competitive with the updates and changes made to the algorithm –

The algorithm recent updates requires a post to have a certain level of engagement for it to be shown to more people in-fact, for the post to rank, it must receive engagement immediately which means that if the post does not receive likes or comments within few hours after posting it then Instagram will likely not put it to the top.

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This makes some sense for the users after all, I would rather like to see post of friends that people are engaging with rather than just seeing post in the old chronological model.

This update might be good for users however it is less useful for brands and business owners in their efforts to spread their contents to a wider Audience. This is where the pod or engagement groups come in…

An Instagram Pod is a group of instagram users about 30-50 people with common interest, similar audience and most especially, desire to grow their audience organically. Sometimes this group could have over 500 people and they all engage in their different posts.

How does Instgram pod work?

Although the rules vary by different pods but usually the methodologies and objectives are often the same.

When you get into a new Instagram pod group, they usually have a special hash tag they use to identify themselves and engage in a post. Try to understand the rules and regulations of the groups as it is often mandatory to abide by them. In some cases, there could be penalties attached when you disobey any of the rules. These penalties could have financial implications if you know what I mean. (*winks*)

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Thus to avoid surprises, ensure to understand the pod rules.

Basically what these groups do is “like” each others post, “comment” on each others post and “follow” each other using that unique hash tag they have in common in the group. Take Note: The pods are not actually on Instagram, but they come from Instagram to meet on different social media platforms like Whatsapp, Telegram or even Facebook.

As stated earlier, the reason for these groups is to gain more visibility and beat the algorithm on Instagram but sometimes these action “Instagram pod” could come with some consequences. These consequences could be limited if you study your page well & not get aggressive with “Instagram pod” and pod activities because in as much as Instagram pods seems like a great idea, its not quite easy to get a result-oriented Instagram pod group but when you finally get to join one, It is best advised to use it properly.

If you’re testing to see what type of content works best with your audience then it is okay not to consider joining a pod group. However for the inital boost and engagements, it is perfectly fine but for long-term, sustainable growth, you’ll want to focus on creating content that earns likes, comments and grows organically on its own.

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If you would like to find out more about Instagram pods Nigeria or currently looking out for which ones to join or need any assistance on growing your Instagram engagements and followers, Click here now to join an active pod and feel free to reach out to me personally via any of my details as contained in my bio below or you can visit my personal website on http://www.calistarichard.com where I shall be sharing more useful and valuable contents exclusive to my inner circle members only.

If you found this article useful, please share with your friends and audience too as we hope it would be equally useful and valuable to them. All the best and please share your feedback, experience and your thoughts on Instagram pods via the comment section below.

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