Important Life Lessons Learnt During The Covid-19 Pandemic Lock down

The global lock-down of 2020 is so far one of the major highlights of 2020 and in this article I shall be sharing with you some important life lessons learnt during the Covid-19 pandemic lock down.

Early February 2020 when the corona virus came to my attention, just like almost everybody else I initially thought it was just another natural occurrence that would soon pass and life will continue as it has always been. Fast forward to about 3+ months later, it’s impact and changes all over the world is appalling. Suddenly, our vision 2020 goals shifted from all the plans we had in place for our lives and businesses to staying alive and staying indoors. Obviously, the world was not prepared for such a biological blow as the global rates of infections and deaths just kept on rising continuously. As at the time of writing this article there are already 3.58m infected people, 252k deaths and about 1.17m recovered cases. Source

All through the pandemic, I tried to focus on only the positive updates and news, my core attention was on the number of recovered cases, tips on staying healthy and other positive updates on the outbreak.

When the lock down began, initially I wasn’t worried about my ability to cope because I have always worked from home and had a digital business already. What I did not expect would hit me as much as it did was the closed restaurants, the empty streets, the isolation and solitary and the fact that even if I want to go outside, I am restricted and not allowed to. This was the part that actually got to me. So here I am sharing with you the important life lessons I learnt during the covid-19 pandemic lock down.

  • My ability to live with myself and enjoy my own company increased quite much more than the way it was before the lock-down. I could experience an increased level of mindfulness, awareness & consciousness. At some point I got accustomed to my new routines and habits so much it felt like the world actually took a time out for me to get myself together and catch up. So the isolation and lock down was a perfect time for inner reflections, meditations, deeper thinking & preparations for bigger manifestations. I learnt this and much more during the lock down.
  • The lock down also made me appreciate how priceless time with family and loved ones actually is. I learnt to take this part of my life more serious because for about 5-6weeks I could not see any of my nephews or family. Technology could not replace the warmth that comes from genuine hugs.
  • Importance of choice of currency for savings and emergency – I realized that the finances that saved us was the savings made in appreciating currency. So while our local currency was depreciating in value, another currency was appreciating in value . So much as saving is necessary and important, the currency to save with is equally important.
  • A preview & understanding of what retirement feels like – During the lock down, there was lots of time, little work activities, more time indoors and a bit of what old-age and retirement might be like and an opportunity to change the script and create a retirement plan and life to look forward to.
  • While it also provided the opportunity to learn new things, update my skills and expertise, write more exams and renew certifications for continuous professional developments. It also made me realize how stimulating learning could be and realizing that one of the biggest secrets to life is actually doing what you love and loving what you do.
  • The importance of rest and enough sleep should never be under-estimated. We get so carried away with the hustle and bustle of the world so much we resort to the use of pills to cure certain ailments that needed just a good sleep. The importance and health impact of sleep became really clear to me during this period however, it is also important to ensure a balance to avoid becoming lazy by sleeping too much. But sincerely with the right amount of sleep? Life is indeed becomes more awesome!
  • The importance of time and realizing how time actually relates with money. For every second that passes by, we are either appreciating the value of our time or depreciating it. The activities we engage in plays a role in how we invest and spend our time and during the lock-down, the relationship and relativity of time with space, money, health, life and everything became a lot more clearer. The cyclic nature of time and how powerful it’s role is in our life was quite obvious during the lock-down. So if you invested time in positive and productive things, over time you could reap the results & outcomes of those actions. So time is actually used to buy life and during this period I learnt how to become more selective of where my attention and time went and I somehow I was able to reduce my procrastination, improved my time management and other time related skills.
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Although the lock-down came with its pros & cons, regardless of how it went personally, the biggest loss would have been coming out the same person.

How were you able to cope during the lock-down? What lessons did you learn or which life lessons did you experience that became more obvious? Please feel free to share with us in the comment section below and remember to subscribe to my podcast and You-tube channel. See you around and be on the look out for more contents and updates.

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