• Step 3 – Installing The Tracking Code On Your Website.

This step turns out to be the most important aspect of how to set up Google Analytics for your website and much as it might see quite intimidating, it is actually very simple.

After following the steps outlined earlier, you should see the tracking code set up screen as below:

How-to-install-tracking-code-from-google-analytics-on website

Please note that the tracking ID in this screenshot has been blocked out to avoid confusion and mix up with your own unique tracking ID. You will observe a unique number next to UA- XXXXXXXXXX, that is unique to your analytics account.

Installing the code is pretty easy. First make sure you have access to the files that control the website pages. Then copy the code that Google displays fro you starting from the <script> to </script>. ensure these codes are copied too. On the pages that control your website, paste the code just before the closing head tag (</head>) and save!. Most websites re-use one file for common content so you might have to input the code on that one file but if your site loads individual pages, then it is recommended you repeat this process to install the tracking code on all website pages.

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After the above process is complete, wait for Google to recognize the installed code. This might take a few hours and in some cases a full day but once the installed code has been recognized and everything is working correctly, the phrase “Status: Receiving Data” will appear next to “Tracking ID.”

For more specific installation advice on how to set up Google Analytics for your website (every and any website), please feel free to request in the comment section below or contact us to get a free installation on your website with a step by step guide to also put you through the whole process.


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