Scrolling down the set up screen page:

set up screen 2


Depending on your website framework, there are many ways to install the tracking code that would be generated during this set up. This post is intended to give directions in easy steps on how to set up Google Analytics for a website. Please be on the look out or subscribe to our updates so you wouldn’t miss future posts on setting up Google Analytics for mobile applications an other platforms.

As seen on the set up screen, below is a guide on to appropriately fill up the fields on this section:

  • Enter the desired website name in the input field for “Website Name”. Here you can decide to use your website url as the website name.
  • For Website URL – just type in your website address! Just as Google tells you – (they’ve already taken care of the http://).
  • Industry – Often times this allows Google Analytics tailor some suggestions for your account. In most cases, clients feel this doesn’t apply to them and although ths setting is optional, it is recommended you select which industry best describes your website from the available options.
  • Time zones – In order for Google Analytics to ensure the way it counts an measures day/time is in line with your own business day and times, It is advised you carefully select the correct time zone here.
  • For Account Name – feel free to use your company name. You can have/monitor multiple websites in one Analytics Account, so make sure this name will be appropriate if you plan on adding multiple websites.
  • Data Sharing Settings – completely optional. Select and deselect as you feel comfortable.
  • Click the blue Get Tracking ID button, agree to the pop-up Terms of Service (after reading fully of course) and you’re all set.
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By carefully following the detailed guideline above, you should have your unique tracking ID by now. Because Google Analytics has so much features and available options in addition to letting you know know how many people visit your website, their location, browser and several other data, it is important that the tracking code is installed correctly so as to get accurate data for website analysis and other future reasons.

The next step will guide you through how to install your unique tracking ID on your website. Please click next to begin this final step.

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