On this post we shall share with you how to set up Google Analytics for your website in easy steps for beginners. It is a detailed step by step guide from start to installation of tracking code on your website. Recently we have been getting lots of requests for website tracking & monitoring set-up for websites, mobile applications and other hosted soft-wares and applications which is one of the reasons why this post was published.

Google Analytics is a free website service provided Google Inc that generates detailed statistics about website’s traffic. It also provides a set of more advanced features like: Marketing Features, Events, Goals, Custom Definitions amongst others. Using this service you’ll also be able to track and display statistics about website’s visitors in real time, know the number of visitors, engagements, traffic sources, location, browsers of visitors and so much more.

  • Step 1 – Sign Up For A Google Anaytics Account.

We have about to take the first step and also the simplest of them all. The process is quite straight forward and much easier especially with a G-mail account. Head over to www.google.com/analytics and click “create account” as seen in the image below:

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sign up screen google ana;ytics

However, if you are already signed in with an existing google account, you should expect to see the image below, just click on the “Access Analytics” button:

already have gmail and needs to install google analytics

Once you have signed up, next is the set-up screen as seen below:

  • Step 2 – Setting Up Your Google Anaytics Account & How To Get Your Unique Tracking ID.

google analytics set up screen

On the next page you shall find out how to get your tracking code and understand the appropriate settings for the other available options you would find on the set up screen

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