By investing in sponsored updates and other LinkedIn advertising solutions, businesses & brands are able to engage a more targeted audience. This exclusive guide compiled & documented by the LinkedIn & Hubspot team shares expert knowledge on how to run a successful LinkedIn Ads campaign with a 2-week sponsored content planner.

Sometimes it can be quite uneasy to connect the ROI from your paid campaigns & organic efforts. If you are one of the millions of people that have LinkedIn company pages, sponsored updates allow you to promote your message to others outside your company page following. At the same time, you can target who sees that message, so your marketing efforts can be focused on the right people.

To connect the ROI from both paid and organic efforts, LinkedIn and HubSpot has made it easy to sync your LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns with the rest of your marketing efforts. With the HubSpot Ads Add-on, you can create LinkedIn ad campaigns and report on your ROI all right within HubSpot.

This document shares how you can plan your campaign day to day or all at once!

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Discover how you can create ad campaigns, optimize ads faster, measure ROI & much more. Although there is a lot to learn when it comes to ads & in some cases it can take years to master, this guide provides a planner to make the execution process easier.

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