Sometimes, we get to attached to our gadgets and in some cases it affects the people around us negatively. In this article, we shall be revealing the hidden Whatsapp trick on how to know who your partner is texting the most and also which of your contact consumes most of your data!

This is to help audit and understand the people that you spend a lot of time texting towards creating a balance and be able to pay more attention to the people around you this season.

In order to illustrate this process very well, we shall be using a live Whatsapp account however, private contents will be filtered off & covered.

Disclaimer: We recommend you request permission from whoever you want to assist in knowing who they chat with the most on WhatsApp to avoid breach of privacy & personal space as this article is written for educational purposes. The objective is mainly for couples trying to discover what consumes most of their data and with the friends with whom most of the productive time is spent with via whatsapp messaging.

Reading further means you agree to these terms, all the necessary boxes are checked and certain you are ready to find out?

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Here’s How To Know Who Your Partner Is Texting The Most On Whatsapp

Step 1 & 2: First you open your Whatsapp chat as normal as shown in the first image below and click on the pointed button inorder to open up the screen as shown in the second image:

Step 3 & 4: On the settings page, we click on “Data & Storage Usage” and then wait for some time for the storage usage to calculate before clicking on it too as illustrated below:

Step 5 & 6: Here you get to see the hidden message counter, data analysis and insights built inside the application and here you see the data per contact. When you click on any of the contacts, you get to see details like total text messages, contacts shared, photos, videos amongst other content types as made available. See the screen shots below:

The most texted contacts is often the first contact on this screen. Order of arrangement is based on contact with the most data usage. Previously we published an article on the differences between Whatsapp Personal and Whatsapp Business but then it turns out this same metrics are available on whatsapp business too by following exact process outlined in this article on how to know who your partner is texting the most on WhatsApp

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Thank you and look forward to bringing to you more valuable contents again soon

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