Explore The World! Fly Around Google Earth In Virtual Reality With This New App!

If you could go to anywhere on the planet, which places will you go? Now you can explore the world and fly around Google Earth in virtual reality with this new app! The virtual reality version of Google Earth which has been in development for some time is now available for free on the HTC Vive.

With the new Google Earth VR, you can virtually fly freely around a topographical reconstruction of the globe and explore reconstructed cultural treasures, global landmarks, or take guided tours of places like Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty from your home!

According to the VR apps product manager Mike Podwal quoted below:

Google is actively exploring support for other platforms.

With the world within your reach, you can now explore it from a different perspective, stroll down the streets in Tokyo or anywhere in the world, fly over the Yosemite or teleport to other places across the globe.


It is quite interesting to think about what can be done with the open source version of the app – You could embed your own stories into Google Earth, or link personal photo spheres to specific places. Businesses could offer a VR version of their neighborhood the way they might embed a Google Maps widget on their website – The possibilities are endless!

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Watch the video above to share your thoughts on this new development and remember to share with friends and colleagues on social media. What impact do you think the Google VR will have on the world in the next few years? You can put down your thoughts in the comment section below and also find out what others are saying.

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