With this exclusive guide on how to choose the right web host, you should have no reason to worry about the common website errors caused by hosting companies with low up-time and poor services. Its no longer news that most hosting companies promise much more than they intend to deliver and in most cases they fail to meet u with expectations.

With this exclusive guide on how to choose the right web host, we shall take you through all the major factors to be considered inline with with your major priorities. Much as you might have different choices from another reader of this, you wouldn’t have to worry about that as everything contained here in is guaranteed to guide you in taking the right steps in choosing the best hosting company for your website and other web projects.

  • Understand Your Hosting Needs & Expectations

The most important factor to guide your decision in choosing the right web host is understanding your hosting needs and expectations. Forget about all the reviews you have read for some time, ignore the top ten host ratings you have seen anywhere and think thoroughly on your own hosting needs and expectations. Try providing answers to the following questions:

  1. How big or small can the web traffic volume go?
  2. What kind of website are you building?
  3. How many websites do you want to host?
  4. How large are your websites and all other web projects you want to host?
  5. Do you need Windows applications?
  6. Will your website need special softwares?
  7. Do you require special versions of certain programs, applications or soft-wares?
  8. What is the minimum disk space, bandwidth, email accounts & other requirements you will require?
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These are a few basic questions you should consider answering towards understanding your hosting needs and expectations. It is recommended you have a projection for the next 1-year or at east 6-months when considering your answers to these questions.

  • Server Up-time Record & Reviews

Now that you understand your own needs and hosting expectations, the next factor to consider is the server up-time record of every potential host you come across. There are a couple ways to do this research which you shall find out soon. The primary objective is to get the server up-time record of the hosting company and reviews. To this regard, you might want to read user reviews online to find out what people are saying about them n comment sections and review websites. You should also consider checking their testimonial page for two reasons: One is to contact the individuals/companies that gave testimonials and ask them for their sincere recommendations and experience. Second is to know the url of websites hosted by the company and running a check on it. Some free services where these checks and inspections can be carried out are Host Tracker, Pingdom, Uptime Robot, Mon.it.or.us and several others. It is recommended you sign up on this site to monitor the up-time of the websites you find on the testimonial page of the hosting company for a couple weeks or months depending on how soon you plan to kick start your web projects.

  • Server Upgrade Options, Renewal Prices & Refund Policy

If you consider your website as a project that will grow massively with time, it is important you consider all available server upgrade options provided by the hosting company, you should also consider renewal prices and refund policies provided by the company. This brings us to another very important factor to consider before choosing a web host which is communication. At this stage you should contact the hosting companies to clarify available server upgrade options, renewal prices & refund  policy.

  • Communication With Web Host & Support Availability

In every partnership or project that involves two or more people, communication is key to its success. If you go ahead to contact the hosting company to make clarifications as regards server upgrade options, renewal prices, refund policies and other inquiries, please take time to observe how long it takes them to get back to you and also take note of all the available communication channels & support platforms they provide. If they provide support via Live Chat, initiate a chat session to observe how long they reply, if its e-mail, take note of how long takes to get a reply from them. Be sure the reply is from an individual as most companies have auto-responder set up on their contact e-mails. Regardless of the communication channel they provide and support systems, it is recommended you run a check by making use of each of them.

  •  Account Suspension & Hosting Account Limitations

This is the where we get to discuss bandwidth & disk space.  Bear in mind that there is no such offer as unlimited bandwidth, its just a marketing strategy with terms. During the first phase explained on this exclusive guide on how to choose the right web host as regards understanding your web host needs & expectations, we have pointed it out that you should have an estimated value of the minimum disk space, bandwidth, webmail accounts (e.g: info@yourdomain.com) and other requirements needed to run your site. This estimate will make it easier to choose the best option and make the right decision.

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On the next page, you shall discover why there is no such offer as unlimited bandwidth & also how to detect several  other factors many hosting companies promise but do not actually deliver.


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