Everyone Is Hosting Webinars. Should I Try It Too? See This First

So yesterday I got a call and I remember the caller asking.. Everyone is hosting webinars. Should I try it too? I had to pause for a moment before giving her a response but then it occurred to me that this same question will be going through the mind of several other business owners too so here I am putting together this article you should see first.

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So now back to the question. Is webinars for everyone? In my opinion the answer is No and besides the fact that there are several alternatives, it is also important to always remember that there is no one size fits all or ultimate formula to generating digital sales. Much as webinars has worked for some businesses, It has equally been disasters for others so my advice is simple, give it an attempt and observe its impact on your business over time and if it works then fine and if it doesn’t you can either decide to improve and try again or consider other channels and methods entirely.

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Recently, I wrote an article on the new Facebook messenger rooms that allows you to host over 50 people at once – More like an alternative to Zoom and other video conferencing/webinar softwares – You can find out more about the new Facebook messenger rooms here.

So just before you decide if webinars might work for you or not, I have put together a compilation of different types of webinars and hopefully it can help you decide which type to consider for your business.

  • Panelist Discussions – This is probably the most popular types of webinars everyone is hosting right now & a great way to expand your network. It basically involves inviting a professional or individual knowledgeable about a certain topic/industry. Most audiences stay engaged especially when the panel is discussing a current trend or an issue they are really and genuinely interested in.
  • Interview Webinars – Much similar to the panelist model except in this case instead of a discussion it is more of a question and answer session between the host and a prominent figure/professional. In some cases it could be a representative from another company or an industry colleague. For this model, it is best to prepare your questions ahead and probably share with your audience so they have an idea of answers to expect from the session.
  • Educational Webinars – This model is also quite common too especially considering the fact that people love to learn. So organizing an educational session either a training, software demo or any educational content for your audience is another great way to create an engaging webinar that could lead to possible conversions for your business.
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Webinars can be a really great channel for your business but you see personally – I have attended a few, organized some myself but in my own opinion if you ask me – My experience has not been so great. Most times I don’t stay till the end other times I just find myself getting engaged into something more worthy of my time at that particular moment.

I have compiled below some of the feed backs and tips you might need to create a more valuable and converting webinar:

  • Invest In Your Gadgets – Delivering great quality and video is one of the key factors common to all great webinars. Audios are clear, sharp and loud. I advise investing is additional microphones you canplug in to your devices. For my webinars and podcasts, I use a Rode Microphone I got from Amazon here so just incase you want to check it out. Although that is quite high end, for budget reasons you might want to consider this USB condenser microphone here. It also delivers great quality audio too or worse case scenarios, consider these lapel mics that can work with both your laptops and mobile phones here
  • Make Sure Your Internet Connection Is Strong – Knowing that your audience might equally be facing connectivity issues, you’d want to reduce the possible stress for them by making sure your own internet connection is very strong so your upload and bandwidth and be swift. It saves you a lot more of the “can you see this” questions.
  • Define The Desired Outcomes In Very Simple Terms – For webinars, avoiding promising too many results. It is best to pick just one very simple piece so your audience outcome and experience after the webinar is clear, focused and properly communicated
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Other tips I have noticed could help over time is having a great voice & managing questions strategically during the webinar sessions.

So yes back to the question – Everyone is hosting webinars, should I try it too? Bottom line is to ensure your primary objective is clear, be certain your webinar contents will bring value to your audience & is a vital part of their customer journey.

With the tips shared in this article, I hope it helps you make your final decisions and hopefully in future articles will talk more around this topic and our experience so far too so be sure to join the inner circle here to stay updated. Let us know how it goes and also feel free to share your experience and feedback with us.

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