Wondering what Email marketing strategy is right for your business or trying to consider its benefits and reasons your business should consider email marketing as part of its digital strategy? You have just found the right article with answers to your e-mail marketing questions.

Ever since the introduction of the internet to the world, e-mail marketing has become a very essential tool for every business. Regardless of the size of your business, you probably rely on various options to market your services or products, including word-of-mouth, local ads, and social networks like Facebook. If you haven’t already added email marketing to your arsenal, it’s definitely time to explore how it can help boost your sales. If you do have email marketing, maybe it’s time for a fresher approach.

Benefits Of Email Marketing:

  • According to recent survey conducted by Exact Target 66% of online users have bought something as a result of receiving a marketing message via email. That’s more than 3 times that of Facebook (20%), and more than 4 times (16%) that of text. Sincere testimonials from digital marketing executives also shows that if done right, email marketing actually works!
  • With e-mail marketing, you are effectively building a one-on-one relationship with existing & potential customers. Well-written, engaging e-newsletters and emails that show your personality help readers learn to know you, like you, and trust you. And consumers buy from those they trust.
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Much as social media is actually hot right now, e-mail marketing still remains a tried and true marketing platform.  Social media can help you spread the word amongst a global audience – but there’s no telling who’s actually reading your content. Other interesting benefits of email marketing are discussed below:

  • Due to the immediacy of email, a business can start seeing results within minutes of its emails being sent. A 24-hour sale is a brilliant marketing ploy that can be utilized by email, as it creates a sense of urgency and convinces subscribers to take immediate action. Businesses typically have to wait weeks until they see sales come in as a result of print or broadcast campaigns and, even then, how can they be sure what was responsible for the purchase?
  • One major reason why businesses consider email marketing is the amazing return on investment. The Digital Marketing Association estimated that email marketing typically returns £40 for every £1 invested. A number of sources have suggested that this is better than any other platform. In addition, it is low-cost & absolutely free in most cases.
  • Most digital marketing professionals will happily pay to ensure they were only spending money targeting those who were interested in their brand. Email marketers can go one step further though, by only sending emails to subscribers who meet certain criteria.
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In addition to the above benefits, email marketing is easy to create, track, share, measure and is also great for taking advantage of impulse buying. There aren’t many other marketing platforms which allow customers to go from witnessing an offer to purchasing an item within two clicks of a button. With a tempting call to action and a link straight to the checkout, email newsletters can drive sales like no other channel.

Now that we have discovered some exclusive benefits of email marketing, here are few tips on launching an email marketing campaign that will supplement your other marketing efforts to get the word out about your products and services:

  • Develop an overall content strategy. Research on your audience, find out what they will like to know & determine which messages will be delivered through email, Twitter and on Facebook.
  • Choose the right email marketing service and select the appropriate package for your brand/business. Ensure you go with the service and package that gives you access to beautiful & responsive templates.
  • Just about everyone loves getting something for nothing … or at least a great discount on a service or product they find valuable. Let your email reflect your brand in an effective way when you offer freebies & discounts.
  • With e-mail marketing, your content can be as lengthy as you want it to be as there are no limits to what you can write. However, it is recommended you keep your content short & sweet.
  • Provide links in your e-mail campaigns. Links to your website, blog, social network and all other available links that will contribute to the growth of your business. Let your email marketing campaign serve as an entry point for people who are interested in learning more about your products and services.
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With so many options available and different means to reach your audience, you can be sure your business is one that will be able to deal with them effortlessly.  By taking into accounts the points contained in this post, perhaps it’s time for your business to start taking email marketing seriously and If you’re in the process of developing your digital marketing strategy, you might just want to make email marketing a significant part of it.

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