Easy Steps To Get Your Mails Delivered To Inbox Instead Of The Spam Folder
Easy Steps To Get Your Mails Delivered To Inbox Instead Of The Spam Folder

Are your e-mails getting delivered into the recipients spam folder? Discover these easy steps to get your mails delivered to inbox instead of the spam folder. Recently we published an article on e-mail marketing, the benefits and strategy every business must consider.

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If your e-mails are not getting delivered into the recipients inbox, the chances are high that your recipient might not read the content of your mail. According to research, e-mail marketing has proven to have a far higher return on investment (over 4000% ROI) than traditional advertisement and even the highly advocated media adverts!

With 85% of all business correspondence done via email, the importance of your e-mail being delivered to the inbox folder cannot be over emphasized. Below are easy steps to ensure this is achieved.

  • First, check to ensure you are not sending out from a blacklisted IP address. To check, Visit http://mxtoolbox.com/ 
  • In the event where your e-mail domain or originating IP address has been blacklisted, don’t worry much anymore, there are also easy ways to getting de-listed which we shall also share in this article.
  • Configure your e-mail to have an SPF record. The Sender Policy Framework can be configured by your host company. It is recommended a professional configures this record to avoid errors that might affect other settings.
  • Also ensure the DKIM records are created. You might also want to contact your hosting company with respect to this.
  • Other records you should ensure are configured on your domain includes the MX and DMARC records. Often times these details will be provided by the e-mail marketing service you choose to run your campaign with e.g Mailchimp, Elastic Mail et.c. (Ensure you ask them for these records)
  • After setting up the records, you can check the your e-mail score and run a free test here: http://dyn.com/free-email-test/
  • In the event where your originating IP address has been blacklisted, there are two major blacklist removal tools – Barracuda & SORBS. Follow the links below to request for removal on both of these platforms – http://www.barracudacentral.org/rbl/removal-request and http://www.sorbs.net/cgi-bin/support.
  • Once a request for removal has been made, you should receive an e-mail notification when the de-listing is completed. However, it is also recommended you talk to your host to follow up and ensure the de-listing is successful and completed.
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Once all of the above steps are taken, you might want to go back to check your reputation via http://dyn.com/free-email-test/ or https://www.senderscore.org/

If after following all the steps above, your e-mails are still not delivered to the inbox folder, then feel free to reach out to us via the live chat widget below. Nonetheless, by following these easy steps to get your mails delivered to inbox instead of the spam folder, be rest assured the next time you run an e-mail campaign there will be a higher open-rate!

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