Often times, I get business owners & professionals telling me how their digital marketing are not converting to sales. In some cases, you will even been marveled at the performance of their metrics. Some even go as far as signing up for several “digital marketing courses” and it still appears that nothing could be working.

Recently, I published an article on top sales closing models and how they work. You might also want to read through sometimes later. I will place the link again in the bottom of this article.

Over the years, I have had real estate agencies and marketers spend heavy on advertising and campaign budget only to get few or no quality leads and even in most cases, none of the leads get to convert to sales in-fact some time they don’t even get to sign up for site inspection or anything.

It’s like all the marketing efforts and metrics just only show the performance of the marketing and it ends there.

Forget about all the theories you have been taught in your courses and all the so many contents you have filled yourself with during your research and quest for knowledge and solutions. Digital sales is direct and much more beyond so many of what we see on the surface.

Although I always recommend a unique and custom strategy for every business and marketer, over the years there has been some standard features and guide lines that have been able to provide measurable and remarkable sales results and I will be sharing some of them in this article:

Digital Marketing Efforts Not Converting To Sales? First Lets See Some Possible Reasons WhyI Will Share My Top 3

  1. You are trying to use marketing to generate sales instead of scaling up, multiplying your sales metrics.
  2. Little or no complete sales process or cycle defined and set up for your digital asset
  3. No behind the scene optimizations, intelligence, analytics & growth formula

Now we are going to look at these top 3 in a more detailed scheme. Please take note that these are often the reasons we detect from businesses after completing a full digital audit & analysis hence we recommend you also inspect your sales process complete and take note of how it relates with your customer journey. Will shed more light on this soon. Now lets look at these top reasons above:

  • Digital Marketing is completely different from Digital Sales & Should Be Treated As Such. Although both are highly interwoven, in most cases it appears the marketing aspect is just a piece and unit of the complete sales process. If a sales process and selling cycle is not fully defined, this creates a missing link between marketing and sales causing a big gap between both processes thereby not making it so seamless to carry on with sales activity upon completion of the marketing aspects. Hence all marketing efforts stop at marketing efforts and ends there giving you little or no sales from your digital marketing efforts.
  • Merging Together & Customer Journey Continuity: Without a sales process/selling cycle & formula defined, Businesses either keep loosing their potential clients to competitors or have a client base with very low return rate and probably no referrals at all. This is not often as easy as it sounds and the solutions doesn’t often comes from theories and just creating funnels – It requires consistent testing, tweaking and optimizations. In some cases we have seen businesses that cannot even convert their own team or even use their own product going into marketing and trying generate and focus on sales.
  • Digital Intelligence & Behind The Scene Optimizations: In addition to customer journey continuity and fluidity, sometimes it is tougher to generate sales from digital marketing efforts because the right analytics and business intelligence solutions have not been put in place. The ability to track performance, work with heat maps and understand how the customer are interacting with your business through digital channels also helps to improve and increase chances of conversion.
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For example, we have had a brand spend heavy on marketing campaigns but traffic was not converting because the landing page was taking too much time to low – meanwhile the digital marketing were busy trying to create a detailed landing page with video, forms et.c It turned out the problem was not the page content but a repeating code in the header – so much as clicks were detected, user experience was poor thereby reducing possibilities of sales.

Now let’s look at some of the possible solutions to these problems:

  • For me, number one solution is intelligence and this includes setting up intelligent tracking and analytics. Studying heat maps, clicked site locations, scroll time and how long visitors spend on site et.c With the right set up, tracking and intelligence in place, you increase your chances of sales by knowing exactly what works for your own business and how your digital assets perform in relation to your objectives and anticipated key results
  • Optimization for sales and customer journey continuity: Most campaign objectives often end when the campaign ends. That shouldn’t be the case. Tools like re-targeting and re-marketing pixels can help increase chances of conversion. Also considering adding up-sells, cross-sells and related products/services also helps increase conversion. If customization option can be provided, or payment plans or other incentives can be considered, This could also help.
  • Aggregation, Compilation & Nurturing: We encourage business owners to consider capturing visitors details through the use of incentives. Allowing visitors the option to indicate interest in your product or service even though they are not necessarily buying at the moment gives room for lead nurturing and possibilities of future conversions. We recommend using tools like CRM system to manage all interested customers and nurture them further for sales. One of my favorite is Hubspot CRM and you can sign up for a plan here.
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Understanding that the journey to sales should always be made as seamless as possible. And below are some other tips to consider:

  • Avoid too many call to actions on one page – Consider using dedicated pages and call to actions to drive specific conversions
  • Ensure hassle-free payment processes and systems on all sales pages and consider providing as many options as possible
  • Always test, optimize and never stop improving your sales assets
  • Tracking, Intelligence and Smart automation should also be considered to boost customer journey continuity
  • Reduce customers wait time & optimize customer action procedures for speed, payment, customization, options and other benefits
  • Timely and consistent digital asset audits & analysis – Remember do not delete, terminate or stop using a working process rather leave that process running while creating an improved one separate. Try allowing all run simultaneously – After all, it all about more sales. So if more channels, more methods, more efforts will be required so be it.

Although there is a long list of several other valuable tricks and hacks I would have loved to share but this one article can’t contain them all. If you are looking to improve your digital sales results and conversions then I suggest you sign up to join my inner circle here where I share exclusive and more valuable resources, case studies and free tutorials/courses you can learn a whole lot from.

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