Arguably, whatsapp has become one app that continues to bring the whole wide world together. In this article we shall be breaking down the differences between the WhatsApp Business app & the regular app! Yes there is now a Whatsapp Business App but hey, thats not all.

You probably already know that whatsapp let you decide who sees what; your last seen or status and you sure have absolute control on who continues to message you. Whatsapp has proven useful for both casual conversations and serious business talks.


With the primary objective of bringing small businesses closer to their client/customer. The new business app is definitely a must have and lets look at some of the reasons why:

Differences Between The WhatsApp Business App & The Regular App.

Unlike the regular app that enables users upload a profile photo and add a short bio, the business app features dedicated business profiles that could contain business email address, store address (physical or virtual), business description; which tells prospective and existing client/customer exactly which services and or products your business offer and of course, your business website address and more.

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That’s not all though, it also has smart messaging tool like greetings; you know, we still have to initiate/maintain relationships even in business and we all know greeting is keey. There’s also away messages and quick replies. It affords users insights into how many messages were sent, how many delivered and how many has been read, very similar to how it is on the regular app. It is important to track how many people the business reaches per time.

Now, we know so many entrepreneurs are emerging and because the app is targeted at small and growing businesses, both personal and business apps can run simultaneously on a single phone! You know, just in case the CEO does a whole lot more than being CEO. You know what’s more? Whatsapp business app is also very compatible with  whatsapp web. So, use the app however, on whichever device is more convenient for you.

If you are smart enough to use your actual business number to register your whatapp business  account, you get a verified badge. You know, something like the verification symbol some persons have on twitter. It is simple, you have a whatsapp account that gives you a voice to your contacts. Whatsapp says give an independent voice to your business. go ahead to update your many selfies on your personal whatsapp status while your business does the same about its products and services.

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Just like the regular app, Whatsapp business app is free and available for download. Whether it will ever become as ubiquitous in the enterprise arena as it has become among consumers remains to be seen, but with all the efforts Facebook is putting into its instant messaging service, it would be a massive surprise if it doesn’t. At least that what we think about it here at Beebom, but what about you? Do you also think WhatsApp can replicate its consumer-level success in the enterprise arena? Or do you think business correspondence through instant messaging is one step too far for you?

Considering these differences between the WhatsApp business app & the regular app, Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below and join the conversation on social media @webkraft_llc

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