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What Type Of Contents Do We Accept:

This blog is about the digital media industry, tech innovations including but not limited to virtual reality, artificial intelligence & much more. Other categories of contents you can find on here includes articles around lifestyle (Entrepreneurial/Tech Oriented), reviews, DIYs & How-To’s, Industry News amongst others. We encourage you to go through our menu navigation bar for more on how contents on this website have been categorized. It is important your content fits into any of them. In our attempt to retain the standards, we might not accept articles outside these categories.

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  • Write-ups should be useful & contain quality content
  • Your post should be above 350 words
  • After publishing, you agree to review and edit articles in the event where updates are available
  • Articles published on this platform are not to be republished on other sites
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  • Reference must be made to necessary sources contained in the article
  • Please ensure there are little or no grammatical errors. Although all articles will be edited and reviewed – in the event where the errors are too much, an article might be rejected
  • You might want to consider using images where necessary as this might increase the chances of getting approved
  • All articles should be submitted via email to with the title format: GUEST ARTICLE: “Post Title – Author Name”
  • If you have a Google+ author profile, kindly specify in the body of the e-mail and also provide all relevant links – We do not accept affiliate links on guest articles

What You Should Expect From Us:

  • You get full credits on all your articles
  • Author box below your post/article.
  • Link to your website, social media profiles and other relevant urls
  • Backlinks + free traffic for your blog/website
  • Exposure to more audience
  • and much more

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