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Often times I get asked questions like, how bad does 404 affect the SEO & ranking of a website? and most importantly how can broken links be detected? I have also observed that much as not every one desires to have a broken link on their website, some are created by mistake hence you probably never know about their existence until maybe someone brings your attention to it or you stumble upon it one way or the other. In this article, I shall be sharing with you how to scan your site for dead links, discover 404 errors & how to detect broken links on your website.

First let me share with you a case study on how we used this tool for http://webkraftacademy.com. As seen in the screenshot below, after scanning the website, we were able to tell exactly which link was broken and the location of the broken link. If you see below, it summarizes the total number of errors and where they are located:

So after seeing the results, we went back to the source code to fix the errors and then scan the website again. In some cases if the content has been deleted or no longer relevant, you might want to replace the link with your home page link or link to another related content – Anything relevant besides the 404 error message.

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After fixing the broken links, see below the results of the second scan:

The good news about this software is that, the free plans allows you scan up to 1,500 links per website which for me I believe is quite fair enough. You can create your own free account here and easily get started with scanning your website for broken links and 404 errors.

If you are operating an e-commerce website then I will recommend you look through this article here where we talked about the impact of the Google mobile-first index on e-commerce websites.

Ready to start checking your website for broken links? Get started today and please share your results and feedback with us in the comment section below. Also if there is any particular topic you would like to discuss, please tell us in the comments too.

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