30 Free Social Media Design Tools To Create Great Looking Graphics Easily
30 Free Social Media Design Tools To Create Great Looking Graphics Easily

Yes there are a lot of fancy computer programs but what if just one out of these 30 free social media design tools is all you need to create great looking graphics that’d meet up with your expectations and achieve your objectives even faster? Thinking about the power and importance of creating visual contents? Then you need to see this previous post on how important visual contents are and the top 7 formats that go viral quicker when compared to others.

These tools, will not cost you a dime and will no doubt raise your marketing up by another notch. With these tools, the graphics design team can focus on more complex project and your social media can also get a consistent design format if that is what you want.

I have used some of these tools on various occasions too and in no order of preference the tools listed below will help you create quality brand images for your social media. From browser extensions to templates, I encourage you to take some time to try out these tools to find out which one works best for you. See below:

30 Free Social Media Design Tools

  • Colorzilla: This tool is also available as a Google Chrome extension and Firefox add-on. It is a great tool to be considered for your most basic to your most advanced color-related needs.
  • Canva: I wouldn’t be surprised if this counds familiar. Canva is one of the most popular free social media design tools. It features lots of functionalities which will allow you create images for all main social media platforms.
  • Google Slides:  This can be considered as similar to the cloud-based version of Microsoft-Powerpoint. It is ridiculously simple to use and great for collaboration between multiple users. Final graphics can be downloaded in .png formats, .pdf, .jpeg & even Microsoft power-point formats.
  • Infogram: If what you are planning to make is not just plain visuals but interactive infographics, then you should really consider this free tool! You can Easily add graphs, maps, text, and even playable videos without diving deep into a design program.
  • DesignBold: Quite similar to Canva, DesignBold has a couple of different features and template styles that might make you want to prefer it to Canva. It also comes with premium versions too.
  • Snappa: This tool is no doubt easy to use! Snappa provides access to a large library and can even publish directly to buffer. However, the free version only last for 7days which is the trial window so now lets move on to our next free tool.
  • Invision: Do you have an idea of a website or an app in your head and looking for a quick way to turn it into a more tangible reality? Depending on the sophistication you might need, The Invision app might be able to help you achieve that.
  • Marvel: Although similar to Invision, a free plan on Marvel will grant you access to unlimited projects on time & there are no limits
  • Compfight: Compfight has an algorithm that places the gorgeous images right at the top. It also helps you generate automatic html codes so you can embed on your website!
  • PicMonkey: With PicMonkey, the whole process is quite intuitive. Without having to doanload and install another program on your computer, you can spruce up your images, re-color them, add borders, add text, and even insert graphics on top!
  • Awesome Screenshots: Yes there are times the images you want to create are screen shots but if you find yourself going through rigorous processes to create them, this tool will no doubt perform a lot of magic for you. With Awesome screenshots, you can crop, edit and annotate your screenshots. It comes as a Firefox add-on and Google Chrome extension.
  • Pictaculous: Color palettes are quite very essential when it comes to website design. With this tool, it makes it easier to make sure your images, graphics, and font colors all help convey your message and maybe even drive conversions.
  • Relay: This is one of the first tools that people can use to create images without too much designs. Based on the image size, shape and type, you can choose a style and add text and other customizations you want real quick!
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Other free social media design tools you might want to consider includes but not limited to Skitch, Snapseed, BeFunky, VSCO Cam amongst several others. Considering font related designs and concerns, you should consider Font Squirrel, Dafont, 1001 Free Fonts, Tiff, TypeGenius, Google Fonts, What Fonts. These free tools will provide you with free fonts to make your design stand out and exquisite. In-order to also work faster, you can get free amazing infographics from Hubspot, Customizable CTA Templates.

For the times when you’d need a photo of your website, blog, or Twitter profile with a little polished flair. PlaceIt is one of the best options for this. Still need more free stock photos? Then you should check out some stock photos from hubspot, 250 holiday stock photos, Death To The Stock Photos however, if you are looking for more “do whatever you want” photos with a scenery or inanimate object tilt, check out Unsplash.





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