In partnership with Bitnami, Search engine giants – Google Inc has recently made their cloud service lot more easier. With just one click, developers can deploy more 120 popular software packages and open source frameworks including infrastructure stacks for Ruby, LAMP apps, Puppet and others. Popular open source packages now made easily available by the new Google Cloud Launcher also include the likes of , Drupal, Redis, MongoDB, Gitlab and Django amongst.

As Google argues, setting up a VM-based solution often means you have to spend quite a bit of time configuring the different components of your service. Using Cloud Launcher, developers simply pick the application or service they want to run and everything is up and running after a few clicks. So far it appears this new development combines existing feature with the packages from Bitnami.

With the Google Cloud Platform, anyone can use the Cloud Launcher. The New Cloud Launcher will also ensure these packages are integrated with Google Cloud Monitoring so users can get performance metrics from your installs.

Developers should spend most of their time on design and writing code, Time spent finding and deploying libraries, fixing dependencies, resolving versioning issues and configuring tooling is time away from that work.

Varun Talwar (Google Product Manager)

You can go through the flexible prices and costs of running the Google Cloud Platform here. It appears the search engine giants will be launching lots of amazing new services, products and more packages sometimes soon. Recently, a Chinese Language Developer Channel was revealed by Google amongst other recent updates.

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