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Full Digital Marketing Training/Masterclass All The Secrets You Need To Know

Things to know about digital marketingLearn the right digital marketing skills needed to grow your business/brand. Enjoy over 80% discount off training fee and...

How to Use Instagram Multiple-Image Posts For Marketing & Business Purposes

Enjoying the new Instagram features? Here's how to use instagram multiple-image posts for marketing & business purposes. The new update allows users to combine...

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Industry News

Samsung Electronics Might Split To 2 Different Entities Soon - Here's Why

Samsung Electronics Might Split To 2 Different Entities Soon – Here’s Why

South Korean multinational conglomerate - Samsung Electronics might split to 2 different entities soon. The current restructure the company is undergoing is expected to strengthen its growing business propositions and cut loose those...

Glo, MTN & Others To Lose $386Bn To Whatsapp & Other OTT Voice Apps...

With the rise of social media and internet voice subscriptions, Nigeria telecommunications industry is projected to lose a total of $386bn in voice revenue to the growing usage of Over-the-Top Internet...
Artificial Intelligence & The Future Of Sales - Here's Why Robots Might Replace You!

Artificial Intelligence & The Future Of Sales – Here’s Why Robots Might Replace You!

The nature of technology is that it only gets better and software companies come out with fresh innovations everyday. Artificial Intelligence & the future of sales is one niche in the...

MUST READ: Donald Trump To Control The Most Powerful Surveillance Machine In History!

American business-man and president-elect of the United States - Donald John Trump is about to control the most powerful surveillance machine in history! Wondering how good or bad it could get?...

Internet Security: ECC SSL Certificates Now Available.

As the blogosphere and the internet world keeps changing with constant development and the introduction of new features, trends and solutions, It is important to also take note of the security...

Updated Traffic Alerts Now Available On Google Maps.

Search engine giants  - Google Inc has just pushed out an updated traffic alerts on its Google Maps application. The app which was released most recently was just in time for...

First Human-Android Robot Astronaut Sets Two Guinness World Records!

If you have been thinking Android OS is for smartphones alone, you are wrong. The world's first human-android robot astronaut has paved way for future human-android interaction & has currently set...